Here are some examples of companies where corporate culture has been put forward as the backbone of their business and management strategy, with clear underlying core values and behaviours. 

Each of these core values and behaviours finds its roots in one or more of the six qualities that form the basis of our Culture Foundation Programme. Yet, these companies are very different from each other and each culture remains unique. What they share though is solid foundations at individual level, authenticity and commitment to their values. They are willing to "hire and fire" based on them. That is what makes their culture strong and sustainable.


DPR Construction

Ever Forward

2,700 employees



A culture to deliver happiness

1,250 employees

Learn about Zappos Insights for a peek inside of the Zappos culture.



"Be Here Now"

156,000 employees



Craftsmanship and Style

11,000 employees


Hilcorp Energy

The Hilcorp Way

1,000 employees



Freedom & Responsibility Culture

2,000 employees


Zodiac Aerospace

A Culture of Entrepreneurs

30,000 employees


Umpqua Bank

A Culture of Greatness

2,400 associates