Embracing the transformation process as a group and one person at a time.

Engaging the whole person: Mind-Body-Heart-Soul.

Nurturing essential and universal individual qualities that drive the way people are, think and act in the context of work, such as:


The ability to approach work as a craft and as an end-to-end process (as opposed to a task or succession of tasks). Underlying the concept of craftsmanship is the idea of a continuous improvement and lifelong learning towards some level of mastery, as well as a sense of belonging (to a community) and of ownership (of one’s work). In its most literal sense, craftsmanship consists of the balanced combination of (intellectual) knowledge and (manual) know-how (“Mens et Manus”).


The ability to combine rational intelligence and emotional awareness, conducive to enhanced interpersonal and social skills, as well as a more collaborative mindset. Underlying the concept of connectedness is the idea of enhancing creativity by connecting people with ideas and emotions.


The ability to be fully engaged in the present moment and fully committed to the task at hand.

Practical Wisdom

The ability to make judgment calls and sound decisions in complex, unplanned situations. It encompasses the will to do the right thing ("internal compass") and the skill to figure out what is right in a given context ("situational awareness").


The ability to display compassion, consideration for others, empathy and caring. Underlying the concept of humaneness is the drive to pursue something greater than oneself and to have a broader impact on our environment and fellow human beings.

Vital Energy

The ability to engage work with excitement, enthusiasm and energy, to feel alive and activated, with a sense of momentum, a willingness to move forward and to grow.