Fortune magazine's managing editor Andy Serwer about the importance of culture

Andy Serwer has been with Fortune magazine for almost thirty years and its managing editor for the past eight years. He is retiring this month and in his last editorial (dated September 1), he reflects on the key lessons learned over the course of his career. And what does he talk about? Culture. He writes:

“What did I learn? (…) That the only thing that makes an organization differentiated and thereby sustainable is a supertalented group of people – which ultimately can be held together only by culture. And I’ve come to realize that that’s what Fortune has: a passionate, creative, collaborative, high-bar culture that nurtures one of the most singular groups of journalists on the planet.”

I couldn’t have written it any better.

It is unfortunate though that this type of insight often only comes at the end of a career. That is why – at Culture @ Work – our mission is to bring culture on the agenda of CEOs and business leaders as early as possible in their tenure, as we know it takes time and energy to nurture a strong and authentic culture. But as Andy Serwer expresses it so vividly, it is worth every minute and every "watt" of it.