Our Culture Foundation Programme (CFP) helps you "plant the seeds and feed the soil" for a strong, authentic and sustainable culture to take root in your organization.


The programme aims at achieving four main tangible objectives:

  1. Reset the parameters that drive the way people are, think and act at work
  2. Create a cohesive mindset
  3. Improve business performance
  4. Build a solid foundation for a strong and sustainable culture to take shape


It is structured around three main steps:






The CFP development process begins by offering the participants to create and embrace a shared vision of what they would like to achieve or see happen in an ideal world. 

We then perform an in-depth assessment (through interviews, workshops and questionnaires) of the current reality, in order to come up with and embrace a shared diagnostic of that reality. 

Based on such assessment, we then ask the participants to agree on and embrace a shared process (or story-board) to bridge the gap between the reality and the  vision. This process will be structured around a set of values and qualities that will be the foundation of the organization's culture.

At the end of Step 1, a "play book" is produced that captures the shared vision, diagnostic and process / story-board to move forward. 


Step Two: Embody

Once  a shared vision, a shared diagnostic and a shared process are in place, the participants set off on  a practical learning and action path to start embodying the new culture's foundations through:

  • Observing (themselves and their environment) and capturing insights from their observations 
  • Experimenting (new behaviors and patterns of interaction)
  • Practicing new skills and qualities

At the end of Step 2, a "story book" is produced that captures stories and insights from these observations, experiments and practices.

Step Three: Embed

At the end of the CFP programme, participants capture and take stock of the results to date, progress achieved along key dimensions of the foundations, and of the insights gained from practicing new behaviors and values. 

They articulate and share the key findings and building blocks (key values and qualities, rules of engagement, etc.) among themselves and with the rest of the organization. 

Finally, the participants wrap up the program by setting a road map to ensure that the group or organization institutionalize and embed the new values, practices, behaviors, etc. into the way of being and of working of the organization.

At the end of Step 3, a "culture book" (and/or video) is produced to capture the essence of what has been achieved during the program and wrap up the journey to date. 



Key Principles

Our approach relies on a set of key principles that are fundamental for the success of the programme.

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The Process

The process is structured as a group coaching programme but with some individual development plans.

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