The process is structured as a group coaching programme in which participants actively share and support each other over time, complemented by individual development plans that include specific focus areas, tools and exercises.

The combination of simple, effective tools, a supportive peer community, and a development process that unfolds over time has powerful results for both for the individual participants and the group.

A typical 12-month process will consist of a mix of:

  • Group development sessions / workshops (on specific themes)
  • Peer coaching 1-to-1's
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • On-going "on-the-job" exercises
  • Lectures (by guest speakers)
  • Special on-site and/or off-site events
  • Online resources
  • ...

Key Process Features

  • Group coaching (group development sessions) + Individual development plans
  • Simple, effective tools (ongoing exercises, online resources, offline events…)
  • Disney meets da Vinci” strategy: Disney creative process (vision, storyboard) + da Vinci’s individual foundations
  • Supportive peer community
  • Fully customized to the client’s needs
  • Thorough data and feedback collection along key indicators