...who believe that a strong and authentic corporate culture  is the ultimate competitive asset. Yet, most companies underinvest in their culture.

We have therefore developed a simple but powerful approach to guide companies through the process of shaping, strengthening or transforming their culture, in order to achieve long-term performance.

We have formalized our approach into what we call the "Culture Foundation Programme".

Your personal core values define who you are, and a company’s core values ultimately define the company’s character and brand: For individuals, character is destiny; for organizations, culture is destiny.
— Tony Hsieh, Founder and CEO, Zappos Inc.

Our Profiles

 Antoine Gélain - Co-founder and director

Antoine Gélain - Co-founder and director

Pragmatic visionary, experienced business coach and management consultant.

After spending the last fifteen years of his career helping companies and top executives optimize their strategies and management processes, Antoine realized it was time to promote a different type of organizational model; one that relies on culture and the underlying unique qualities of people as the strongest and most sustainable source of competitive advantage. He thus spent the last two years designing our Culture Foundation Programme, to specifically address the need of many companies to improve confidence, communication, creativity, productivity and growth among their workforce, in the face of an ever-increasing complex and challenging environment.

Over the last  25 years, Antoine has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and North America. He is a graduate from ESSEC in France and holds a MBA from Harvard Business School in the U.S. 

 Thierry de Tourniel - Co-founder and director

Thierry de Tourniel - Co-founder and director

Pragmatic visionary, market developer, entrepreneur and experienced coach.

Through the process of listening, in different languages and cultures, Thierry has acquired a deep experience and understanding of complex international organisations. He has also acquired the conviction that a company's most valuable asset is its human capital, and that the key to achieving excellence is to build common values and create an environment where people can express all their human qualities.

Thierry has spent six years in New York and ten years in Japan, where he established and ran a successful coaching business, before moving to London. He is a NLP Master practitioner trained at NLP University of Santa Cruz, and completed his training in neuroscience-based coaching with Results Coaching from the NeuroLeadership Group.

Our Company

Culture at Work (C@W) is based in London, U.K. It was founded in 2014, as a consulting and coaching company covering all critical aspects of organizational and individual performance.

Our Visionary Partners

 Patrick Amar   

Patrick Amar


Patrick Amar is the founder and CEO of Axis Mundi, a Paris-based company offering an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to support, counselling and coaching of employees to foster an improvement in their performance at work. Patrick is psychologist and psychotherapist, specialised in brief therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and coaching. He is the author of multiple books and a recognized expert on coaching and well-being in the workplace.

Eric R.T, Vidal is the Co-founder of iCube-Digital and iCube-Thrive, New York. A seasoned cross-cultural marketer and entrepreneur, his career started in advertising and fashion. Today, he is focused on digital marketing, coaching top executives / founders, and advising Fortune 1000s, tech startups, SMEs, and innovators in London, NY, Dubai, Tokyo and Europe.
He is a judge and mentor at Mass Challenge UK, an IBA Stevie Awards judge, and a Sr. advisor for 2 tech startups based in the US, as well as the Guy Mazzoni Foundation based in the Philippines.
Double major in Advertising - Mass Communications & Economics he studied at the MBA program of Strathclyde (UK) & Hong Kong Baptist University. He is certified for the "Total Leadership" program created by Dr. Stew Friedmann of Wharton Business School, UPenn.
An avid practitioner of Zen meditation and Tai Chi, Eric enjoys traveling, photography, and discovering new people, traditional customs and business processes.

We are currently looking for partners to help us promote and deliver our Culture Foundation Programme, in particular in the U.K. If you share our vision and are interested in getting involved, please contact us at partners@cultureatwork.info.