Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for optimization of human potential at work and organizational transformation

For that purpose, we offer the following services:

  • Our flagship "Culture Foundation Programme" to help shape, strengthen or transform a corporate culture
  • Workshops and seminars
    • To make people aware of the potential impact and benefits of a strong and authentic culture on long-term performance
    • To address specific topics or issues of interest to organizations:
      • "Ethics and Corporate Culture"
      • "Craftsmanship in the Digital Age"
      • "Cultivating Soul Power in Organizations"
      • Etc.
  • Culture diagnostic: Using interviews and our Work Potential Questionnaire, we help organizations assess the state of their culture and how much of their employees' human potential they are currently tapping into.
  • Group or individual coaching programmes around the concepts of human potential at work and corporate culture
  • Training courses and practice sessions on one or several of the six essential qualities to optimize human potential at work and drive long-term organizational performance:
    • Craftsmanship

    • Connectedness

    • Presence

    • Practical wisdom

    • Humaneness

    • Vital energy